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There are two sets of microarray data in this resource; Micro- and macrodissection studies, both assayed on the Affymetrix GeneChip Rhesus Macaque Genome Arrays. The Macrodissection study includes microarray data assayed from samples that were dissected manually from four postnatal stages in five specific sample tissue locations; medial frontal cortex (areas 24, 25 and 32), occipital cortex, hippocampal cortex (hippocampal formation), amygdaloid complex and basal nuclei (basal ganglia). The Microdissection study looks at smaller more targeted subdivisions of the structures considered in the macro study in four postnatal stages and six prenatal stages. These smaller regions, such as a single cortical layer of cells, were microdissected using a laser dissection microscope. To choose between these data sets, select "Microdissection" or "Macrodissection" from the Microarray drop down menu.

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