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  1. Atlas Drawings and Ontologies

    hybridization, microarray, RNA-sequencing and axonal projection data. From the API, you can: Download the colorized and labeled atlas images Download atlas … The following Atlases are available through the API (click on Atlas ID to launch the interactive atlas viewer): Atlas ID   Atlas Name Image Type
    Allen Brain Atlas APIOct 13, 2017
  2. Allen Brain Atlas API

    and Pipes Search Services Downloading an Image Image Download Image-to-Image Synchronization Image Synchronization Atlas Drawings and Ontologies Atlas Drawings … and Ontologies Download colorized and labeled atlas images, histological images, SVG atlas graphics and the associated structure ontology. Data Model The data
    Allen Brain Atlas APIOct 10, 2018
  3. Reference Atlas Viewing Tools

    and providing a context for the experimental images from the Allen Reference Atlases. Accessing the Interactive Atlas Viewer KeyIcon.png Access to the IAV is from the button on the Data Portal, the "key" icon from the Reference Atlas when viewing experiments in the experiment image viewer
  4. Downloading an Image

    Services. Image Download Service The Image download service serves whole and partial two-dimensional images presented on the Allen Brain Atlas Web site. Some … all of the sagittal images in the Mouse Brain Atlas for the gene Adora2a at full resolution.     First, search for relevant experiments' IDs (SectionDataSets
    Allen Brain Atlas APIJan 18, 2017
  5. Image-to-Image Synchronization

    . Image-to_Atlas For a specified Atlas, find the closest annotated SectionImage and (x,y) location as defined by a seed SectionImage and seed (x,y) location … 68173101, locate the closest image and (x,y) position within the P56 coronal Atlas
    Allen Brain Atlas APIJan 18, 2017
  6. Transgenic Mouse Lines

    for the atlas images or the nissl images to be displayed sidebyside.PNG Keyboard Commands Use the keyboard to navigate through the image series … pressing the [+] key - Zoom out Tools Menu The tools menu allows access to downloading both the fluorescence and reference atlas images, as well
    Allen Brain ObservatoryJan 18, 2017
  7. Allen Mouse Brain Atlas

    of the images. Reference Atlas Viewing Tools Interactive Atlas Viewer (IAV) Zoom-And-Pan (ZAP) Image Viewer Using The High Resolution Image Viewer … Adult Mouse Brain Reference Atlas   Reference Atlases The Allen Reference Atlases are designed to: Allow users to directly compare data
  8. Allen Developing Mouse Brain Atlas

    can select the key icon from the High Resolution Image Viewer to view the atlas in context with a gene expression experiment. AvailableRefAtlases.JPG From … regions. Using the "Sync" icon ( synch.JPG), you can sync either image to its partner to view the gene expression in context with the reference atlas. Given
  9. Anatomic Gene Expression Atlas (AGEA)

    based on the ISH gene expression images of the Allen Mouse Brain Atlas. Only the coronal gene expression data were used to construct this application. The AGEA … image. landing_page.JPG The upper panel of images are orthogonal views of a 3-D Nissl reference atlas volume. The reference space was divided into 200 µm volumes
    Allen Mouse Brain AtlasJan 18, 2017
  10. Data Model

    DATA MODEL rma.png The data model includes entities from molecular biology, anatomic atlases, laboratory artifacts, experiments, and annotations. Refer … Collection of images' metadata for a gene expression experiment or histological purposes MicroarrayDataSet
    Allen Brain Atlas APIJan 18, 2017