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  1. RESTful Model Access (RMA)

    section. Only, Except And Tabular Use the only= or except= parameters to restrict the attributes returned in the response. By default the results include all … >Homo Sapiens</name> </organism> </organisms> </Response> Use tabular= to restrict the attributes and also return them in a tabular format. Use
    Allen Brain Atlas APIJan 18, 2017
  2. Example Queries for Experiment Metadata

    ,plane_of_section, rma::options, [tabular$eq'','genes.acronym+as+gene',''], [order$eq' … ::options, [tabular$eq'','genes.acronym+as+gene','',''], [order
    Allen Brain Atlas APISep 27, 2018
  3. API Response Formats

    not contain a byte-order-mark. Use of the CSV format implies the tabular option. By default all columns of the model at the start of the query are displayed. Generally the CSV format does not work with the include= parameter; use criteria= (rma::criteria) and tabular= instead. The csv format cannot be use with queries
    Allen Brain Atlas APIJun 09, 2014
  4. Downloading and Displaying SVG

    $eq28]), rma::options[tabular$eq''][order$eq''] &num_rows=all&start_row=0 Download the structure boundary annotations
    Allen Brain Atlas APIJan 18, 2017
  5. API

    (structure_set[name$eq'Developing Mouse - Coarse'])) &order=ages.embryonic$desc,ages.days,structures.graph_order&num_rows=100 &tabular