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  1. BrainSpan_ISH_WhitePaper.pdf

    ), enabling a direct phylogenetic comparison of expression patterns in human and macaque, as well as mouse via the Allen Developing Mouse Brain Atlas. Adulthood … neuropathological examination results and no known history of neuropsychiatric disease, as determined by the above screening mechanism. Evidence of drug use
    BrainSpan / … / DocumentationSep 26, 2012
  2. CellTypes_Case_Qualification_and_Donors.pdf

    characteristics are provided in this document, as well as a description of the criteria for acceptance of use in this study. POSTMORTEM TISSUE DONORS Postmortem tissue specimens from males and females between 18 – 68 years of age with no known history of neuropsychiatric or neurological conditions (‘control’ cases) were
    Allen Cell Types Database / … / DocumentationMay 19, 2020
  3. BrainSpan_MR_DW_DT_Imaging.pdf

    , the brain was laid directly against the coil elements as well as easily aligned to avoid an oblique through-plane and/or to place the region of interest … moving around in the bag as well as to cut down on BRAINSPAN Technical White Paper: Structural and Connectional Imaging Data for the Developing Human Brain
    BrainSpan / … / DocumentationOct 17, 2013
  4. BiophysModelAllActive.pdf

    conductances substantially impact synaptic integration properties along the neural morphologies as well as the somatic spiking response (Stuart et al., 2007 … ) as well as the morphological reconstruction (Morphology Overview Technical White Paper in Documentation). Given these criteria are met, the experiment is passed
    Allen Cell Types Database / … / DocumentationFeb 26, 2016
  5. HBA_Microarray-Platform-Selection.pdf

    hybridization (ISH) data. Additional considerations were throughput capacity and experience with high volume projects at each service provider, as well … individual) and two sub-cortical areas (from two additional individuals) as follows:  Brodmann Area 17 (also known as primary visual cortex or V1
    Allen Human Brain Atlas / … / DocumentationOct 17, 2013
  6. MorphOverview.pdf

    extracted from each final reconstruction file, using other functions of Vaa3D. These features were then used for morphological analyses and biophysical modeling and will provide a foundation for the generation of morphology based taxonomy as well as a synergized analysis and taxonomy with other neuron attributes
    Allen Cell Types Database / … / DocumentationOct 16, 2017
  7. BiophysModelPeri.pdf

    and Carnevale, 1997). Morphologies in NEURON were generated by importing the SWC file for the target neuron (for technical details, refer to the Morphology Overview in the Documentation tab). In these reconstructions, the soma was represented as a sphere with a specified radius centered at the root node of the file
    Allen Cell Types Database / … / DocumentationOct 16, 2017
  8. Allen Brain Observatory

    to explore individual cells as well as cell population responses to various stimuli, as well as search cellular response metrics across experiments … . Each experiment contains three movie files of approximately 60 GB each. We ask that anyone requesting movies provide one or more hard drives with sufficient
    Allen Brain ObservatoryOct 25, 2016
  9. DevMouse_Overview.pdf

    There was a strong emphasis on selecting genes with known roles in brain development and genes which act as robust neuroanatomical markers to enable visualization … as glycerol stock in 384-well and 96-well plates at -80 °C. Clone sequences were verified by comparison to RefSeq sequences. Consensus sequences with >98% homology
  10. Overview

    as well as other demographic, histopathological or diagnostic parameters. White & Grey Matter This snapshot embeds the data based on gene expression enhanced … as well as other demographic, diagnostic or neuropathologic parameters. Dementia The data in this snapshot were embedded by the genes most differentially
    Aging, Dementia & TBIJan 30, 2017