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You can use the parallel coordinate plot to select cells with numerical features that satisfy certain conditions. First you choose up to five different fetures from the drop down menus under the axes, and then you select the value ranges of interest by clicking on the axes. For example, the cells selected in the figure below have Upstroke:Downstroke ratios in the range 2.0 to 5.0 and Adaptation indeces in the range -0.4 to 0.4. Each line represents a cell and the intersection with each axis indicates the value of the feature associated with that axis.  Cells that do not have feature values in the selected ranges are represented by gray lines.

The "color by" drop-down menu allows you to select a feature whose value determines the line color for the cell. For example, in the figure below the lines are colored according to the Upstroke:Downstroke ratio values, so cells with higher values are represented with by purple lines while cells with lower values are represented with by blue lines. 



The feature selections

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