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  • If you are unsure of spelling, begin typing the gene identifier and suggestions will be offered.
  • Press the 'Enter' key instead of clicking the "Search" button.
  • Include an asterisk (*) as a wildcard character before or after your search text to return genes that start with or end with that text. For example, enter pig* to return genes that start with pig or *pig to return genes that end with pig.
  • If you do not include an asterisk (*) wildcard character, wildcards are implied to surround your search text. So if you search using the text pig, for example, you'll get results that include pig anywhere within the gene name or symbol.
  • Select the "Show exact matches only" check box to remove the implied wildcards. This is useful if you want to return only those genes that exactly match your search text.
  • Place the search text within quotes to include spaces or special characters.
  • When searching for more than one gene, separate each search term by a comma.
  • Click the "Bulk Search" radio button to search for many genes at once. Doing so expands the text box, making it easier to copy and paste a list of genes from a text file or spreadsheet. Comma and semi-colon are not valid separators for genes; use tab or | instead. The bulk query does not implicitly include wildcard characters around your search text (you must specify them).





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