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What Is AGEA?

The Allen Institute has built a data-driven three-dimensional atlas of the adult C57Bl/6J mouse brain based on the ISH gene expression images of the Allen Mouse Brain Atlas. Only the coronal gene expression data were used to construct this application. The AGEA feature (which stands for Anatomic Gene Expression Atlas) characterizes the multi-scale spatial relationship in the mouse brain as derived from coronal gene expression data without a prior knowledge of classical anatomy. Using the AGEA feature of the Allen Mouse Brain Atlas, you can:


Each row of the search results includes the following information.



Image Modified

Add the experiment to your selections by clicking the checkbox

Fold Change

A numeric value representing the fold change between expression of the target domain and the contrast domain

Experiment ID

Click the experiment number to view experimental detail page

Gene Symbol

Click Gene Symbol to return gene metadata

Gene Name

Full gene name (click to see 3-D thumbnail and perform a NeuroBlast search)

Seed Location

Image from the seed location

You will have to visually inspect the dataset to ensure the signal that AGEA detected was real and not an artifact of the image collection.