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Projection Dataset

This tab allows you to browse an image database of axonal projections labeled by viral (rAAV) tracers and visualized using serial two-photon tomography. The viral signal was collected tracer is visualized in the green channel, while background auto-fluorescence was collected , seen in the red channel, is useful to give provide anatomical context.

To search this dataset, browse and select from a list of primary injections sites (approximately 27 sites for the November 2011 release). Selecting an injection site will return a list of experiments. This list outlines the experiment ID, Structure Name, Mouse Strain, Sex, and Age.

Clicking on an experiment ID will launch a contact sheet viewer.

Clicking on individual images on the contact sheet will launch a High Resolution Image Viewer. Within the Image Viewer, the contrast and brightness can be adjusted and the individual color channels can be turned on and off by moving both range sliders in a channel to zero.