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To support image synchronization across reference spaces, each space has been co-registered and scaled to every other space using a 12 parameter affine transform, allowing brains of different ages to be roughly compared. The image synchronization API methods automatically perform the cross-space transform when requesting to sync data from different reference spaces.

Usage of across reference space synchronization is demonstrated in the "Cross-Stage Image Synchronization" example application.



Manual annotation results can be accessed through RMA and can be used to search data. The use of manual annotation data is also demonstrated in the "Manual Annotation" example application. 

*Note:* the structural hierarchy associated with the manual annotation differs from the Ontology used for informatics processing of the ISH data.


Figure: Screenshot of "Manual Annotation" example application showing the expression Expression intensity, density and pattern attributes for level 5 structures for gene Tcf7l2 at E11.5 (id=100045897)