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Downloading Expression Values

Normalized expression values can be obtained by specifying:

  • the required expression type ("set"),
  • a list of "probes",
  • a list of donors (optional), and
  • a list of structures (optional)

See the connected service page for definitions of service::dev_human_expression parameters.

Differential Search

Correlative Search

Prenatal LMD Microarray

Experimental Overview and Metadata


Figure: Screenshot of top returns of a differential search for genes with higher expression in the thalamus than the transient structures of forebrain. Z-score heatmap shows enrichment in the thalamus compare to other brain regions.

Correlative Search

Correlative search finds probes with similar expression profile to the selected seed probe over all samples within a user-specified structure. Pearson's correlation coefficient is computed for all probes and results ranked in descending order.