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Table of Contents

You can visualize and explore gene expression for a sub-set of the transcriptomics data by means of a Heatmap Viewer. 

This sub-set consists of 1,772 mouse cells from the dorsal part of the lateral geniculate complex (LGd). 

To launch the Heatmap Viewer, go to the Download page and click the "RNA-Seq heatmap for LGd" link in the table listing the available data.


Searching is available using three methods: (1) Gene Search, when looking for a specific gene of interest, (2) Differential Search, to find enhanced gene expression when comparing cell type features and 3) Correlative Search, to find cell features that exhibit similar gene expression to a "seed gene" selected from the results of a Gene or a Differential Search, or to find genes that are co-expressed in specific cells.