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Documentation: Allen Mouse Brain Connectivity Atlas





Technical whitepaper describing the Projection Mapping studies

Retinal Projectome

Technical whitepaper describing the Retinal Projectome Mapping studies

Informatics Data Processing

Design and implementation of the Connectivity Informatics Data Pipeline (IDP)

BDA vs. rAAV

Technical whitepaper describing the comparative studies between BDA and rAAV tracing methods

Injection Sites and Stereotaxic Coordinates

Tables listing the sites of injection of the tracers and their stereotaxic coordinates for the brain-wide anterograde projectome

Reference Dataset

Technical whitepaper describing the generation of the reference datasets

Mouse CCF, Reference Atlas, Version 3 (2016)

Overview of the design and implementation of the Allen Mouse Common Coordinate Framework

Transgenic Characterization

Technical whitepaper describing the various characterization studies


A complete list of driver and reporter mice and viruses used in the Allen Mouse Brain Connectivity Atlas projectome data, Transgenic Characterization, and Allen Cell Types Database


Recognition of collaborators and others who provided assistance




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