API: Mouse Connectivity Resources

<h2>Mouse Connectivity Projection Data: Informatics Data Processing Pipeline</h2>

<p>The primary data of the <a href="http://connectivity.brain-map.org/">Allen Mouse Brain Connectivity Atlas</a> consists of high-resolution images of axonal projections
targeting different anatomic regions or various cell types using Cre-dependent specimens. The informatics data processing pipeline
produces results that enable the navigation, analysis and visualization of this data.</p>

<p>The output of the pipeline is quantified signal values at a grid voxel level and at a structure level according
to the integrated reference atlas ontology. The grid level data are used downstream to provide an on-the-fly data and search service
and to support visualization of spatial relationships.</p>

<p>Refer to the <a href="http://help.brain-map.org/display/mouseconnectivity/Documentation">informatics whitepaper</a> for detailed methods used in the pipeline.</p>