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The Cell Feature Search page is divided into three areas: 1) In the top area, you can set filters for filters for cell properties that have discrete values; for example, you can choose to select only cells from a certain species and certain cortical layers. You can also use this page to find cells for which specific types of data are available; for example, you can select only cells for which there is not only electrophysiological data, but also morphological reconstructions and neuronal models. 2) In the middle area, you can set filters for conditions on numerical measurements features in certain value ranges by using a Parallel Coordinate Plotparallel coordinate plot. 3) In the bottom area, you can view the summary cards for the cells that were selected with the filters set in the two areas above and you can then choose the sorting order in which those cards are displayed.


Filter parameters





You can set filters for cell properties or data types by checking boxes and selecting one or more items from the drop down menus at the top of the Cell Feature Search page.

While the Transgenic Targeting and Donor Profile selections apply only to mouse and human cells, respectively, the rest apply to all cells.


Image Added


The following table describes the meaning of the properties displayed in the picture above:

Property nameProperty description
Mouse line 
Reporter status 
Years of seizure 
Reconstruction type 
Dendrite type 
Apical dendrite status 



Note that the Donor Profile area applies only to human cells.

, only a subset of these cells are listed; however, you can alter the subset of cells represented by clicking on the "More Options+" link and selecting from categories that include "Hemisphere", "Dendrite Type", "Apical Dendrite", "Morphology", and "Models".