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Model Name


Biophysical, perisomatic

Models with active conductances at the soma and morphology based on full 3D reconstruction.

1 Leaky Integrate and Fire (LIF)

Membrane potential evolves as a function of neuron properties (capacitance, membrane conductance, resting potential) and external current combined with a reset rule if membrane potential and is reset to a fixed value if it surpasses a fixed voltage threshold.

2 LIF + Reset Rules (LIF-R)

  LIF with biologically-defined afterspike threshold decay rules.

3 LIF + Afterspike Currents (LIF-ASC)

LIF with spike-induced currents to model long-term effects of fast voltage-activated ion channels.

4 LIF-R + Afterspike Currents (LIF-R-ASC)


5 LIF-R-ASC + Threshold Adaptation (LIF-R-ASC-A)