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Clicking the “Use the current filter with the SDK” link will open a page with a snippet of python code which that will enable you to download of just the computed metrics for the cells you are interested inmeeting the filter criteria.



Briefly, you will need to create an Jupyter python notebook and install the Allen SDK. Instructions for this are available from the SDK tab in the banner menu. From the install guide you can install the Allen SDK.


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The best way to use this is to run the python code in your preferred environment, or you can use the attached Jupyter notebook. attach notebook

Accessing data from the Allen SDK

To compute your own metrics, work with the fluorescent traces or analyze the eye tracking data, the ideal way to interact with this data is directly from the Allen SDK.

To get started, read through the information on the Brain Observatory from the SDK page and download the jupyter notebook which will provide the code for downloading and analyzing the data available from the Brain Observatory.