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Neuronal Response: Two-Photon Calcium Imaging

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The first data modality to be released from the Allen Brain Observatory is a standardized in vivo survey of physiological activity in the mouse visual cortex, featuring representations of visually evoked calcium responses from GCaMP6-expressing neurons in selected cortical layers, visual areas and Cre lines. From the landing page you can view the cre-line, the visual area and the depth of each of the experiments conducted in this survey.

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More information on the experimental setup and the visual stimuli are available in other Help (links to http://ihelp/display/observatory/Allen+Brain+Observatory+-+Visual+CodingImage Added) pages and in the Brain Observatory app (links to http://sobservatory/visualcoding/Image Added ).

Experiment Overview

In the Allen Brain Observatory Visual Coding study, an Experiment is composed of a series of three one-hour long two-photon calcium imaging sessions on an awake mouse exposed to a series of visual stimuli. An experiment is the unique combination of one mouse, one imaging depth (e.g. 175 um from surface of cortex), and one visual area (e.g. “Anterolateral visual area” or “VISal”). All experiments are shown by default on the Experiment Overview page.


*Wang and Burkhalter (J.Comp.Neurol., 502: 339-357. doi: 10.1002/cne.21286)Image Removed

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