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With the inaugural release, all of the columns (minus the two common mouse lines) are displayed by default. Clicking on a row in the "View Cells" or "Experiment" columns will take you to the selected #Cell List or #Experimental #Experiment Detail Page, respectively. Each of the remaining columns displays a visualization summarizing the population response of the neurons in the imaging field of view to the specific visual stimuli. The population thumbnails are shown below and can be explored in more detail from the #Experimental #Experiment Detail Page.

The population thumbnails are segregated by visual stimulus as indicated by the stimulus color key.

Experimental Detail Page


Experiment Detail Page

The experiment detail page presents a more detailed view of all the information for a single experiment. Metadata for the experiments transgenic lines, targeted functional visual areas, and imaging depth is listed at the top of the page. There is also a link to the #Cell List, which identifies each responding cell in the two-photon calcium imaging sessions.

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Each experiment is composed of three approximately one-hour imaging sessions.

Image Added

A summary image from each of the sessions is displayed in the experiment detail page.

Cell List

Cell Detail Page