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This page lists all the relevant cells from the selected experiment and shows the cellular responses at a deeper level. Each row represents a single cell and illustrates the cell response through a series of thumbnails that represent a summary of the cellular response to a visual stimuli. Clicking on a row will take you to the #Cell Detail Page.

More information on the development of each of the thumbnails and it's corresponding visual stimulus can be found from the "Visual Stimuli" buttons on the Overview page.

Filtering Cells

To explore the cellular responses within a single experiment, first click on the "Show filters" button at the top left-hand corner of the webpage.

  1. Filters: Show, hide or clear filters by clicking on these buttons
  2. Current Filters: Filters will show in the box once applied
  3. Row Number: The number of cells included in the filter criteria
  4. Filter Criteria: Filters are visual stimulus dependent (static grating, drifting grating, natural scene) and include: Orientation Selectivity (static or drifting gratings), Preferred Orientation (static or drifting gratings), Preferred direction (drifting grating), Preferred phase (static gratings), Preferred spatial frequency (static gratings), Preferred spatial frequency (drifting grating), Time to peak (static grating or natural scene), Preferred image (natural image)