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A panel of images also shows each section (~140 sections) from this series of images. Scrolling down the page will allow you to see images with fluorescence expression. Clicking on one of the individual images will open a high resolution image viewer in a new tab.

Image Viewer

Image Added The Image Viewer is a powerful tool to navigate and view the images in this series. The main viewer contains a scale bar, a toolbar and on-screen navigation tools. The main viewer is an interactive window where an image can be repositioned by clicking on the image and dragging with the mouse. Use the scroll wheel, on-screen navigation buttons or the keyboard to zoom in or out. The name of the mouse line and the expressed fluorescent molecule is displayed in the top left-hand corner of the screenmain viewer.

Thumbnails for the entire image series are displayed across the bottom of the main viewer in section order. Click a thumbnail to select that image for viewing, or use the keyboard to navigate through the series.




Clicking the key icon will open another viewer with the reference atlas

Once the reference atlas is open, this icon, when clicked, will sync the other viewer to the same location


Adjust image controls Image Added

Opens the tools menu

View all images in this experiment in a #Contact Sheet Viewer

Display image in a #High Resolution Image Viewer

Synchronize all other section image viewers on the page that support synchronization to the currently selected image





Zoom in


Zoom out


Step forward through the thumbnail images keeping the same location and scale


Step backward through the thumbnail images keeping the same location and scale


Sync all viewers on the page to the zoom level and location of the active viewer

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Zoom in. Please note that some keyboards may require the [Shift] key be held down while pressing the [+] key



Zoom out