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Search the Transgenic Mouse dataset by entering a gene symbol or mouse line name into the search box. #Retinal Projectome data includes four experiments with vertical mount sections of the retina. You will be prompted with suggestions once you have started typing. Click "Search" or hit the Enter key.


Representative retinas were sectioned in the vertical plane for characterization of morphology and co-localization with markers for well defined retinal ganglion cell (RGC) types. Four markers were used; :

  • VAChT (vesicular acetylcholine transporter) - a marker of inner plexiform layers,
  • CART (cocaine-amphetamine related transcript) - a marker of ON/OFF direction selective retinal ganglion cells,
  • OPN osteopontin - a marker of large/ dephosphorylated neurofilament-positive RGCs,


  • Brn3a which labels ~80% of all RGCs and is a Pit/Oct/Unc (POU) domain transcription factor.

Each experiment shows the GFP viral tracer infection in green, the marker in red and a DAPI stain in blue.


  1. Experimental Metadata: Experiment ID, Transgenic Mouse, Driver, Reporter, Related Gene (click for Adult Mouse data), Probes, Plane of Section, Treatments, Induction; Specimen Data: Specimen ID, Organism, Strain, Age, Sex. Related Institute Data: provides links to related data in other Allen Brain Atlas resources
  2. Image Viewer: Zoom and Pan Viewer
  3. 3-D 3D Thumbnail Viewer: Rotate using the slider bar under the image
  4. Histogram: Relative gene expression in large structures of the brain (for stages older than P28). Hovering your mouse over the histogram will sync the image in the single image viewer with the section corresponding to that structure and expression.
  5. Transgenic Line Metadata: Transgenic lines involved in this experiment including the Type, Name, Stock #, Source (link to provider), and the Originating Lab.
  6. Probe Information: Probe ID, Type, NCBI Accession, GI, Orientation, Forward Primer, Reverse Primer and Sequence.





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