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You can set filters for cell properties or data types by checking boxes and selecting one or more items from the drop down menus at the top of the Cell Feature Search page. While (Note: while the Transgenic Targeting and Donor Profile selections apply only to mouse and human cells, respectively, the rest apply to all cells.)



The following table describes the meaning of the properties displayed in the picture above:

Property nameProperty description
Species of recorded cell
Brain region of recorded cell
Cortical layer of recorded cell
Hemisphere of recorded cell
Mouse line
Transgenic driver of reporter expression
Reporter status
Expression of transgenic reporter
Age of human donor
Years of seizure
Length of seizure history
Human donor ID
Sex of human donor
Disease state of human donor
Ethnicity/race of human donor
Reconstruction type
Extent of morphological reconstruction
Dendrite type
Status of dendritic spines
Apical dendrite status
Extent of apical dendrite preservation, if applicable
Has GLIF modelExistence of GLIF model for cell
Has all-active biophysical modelExistence of all-active biophysical model for cell
Has perisomatic biophysical modelExistence of perisomatic biophysical model for cell



Note that the Donor Profile area applies only to human cells.