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The following table describes the meaning of the properties available in the drop-down manus.For more details, see the Documentation.

Property nameProperty description
Adaptation index
Rate at which firing speeds up or slows down during a stimulus
Average firing rate (spikes/s)
Average firing rate across the entire stimulus interval
Average ISI (ms)
Average interspike interval duration
F-I curve slope (spikes/s/pA)
Slope of linear fit to the frequency response of the cell versus stimulus intensity curve
Input resistance (MΩ)
Resistance of cell membrane as measured by a linear fit to responses to hyperpolarizing current steps
Membrane time constant (ms)
Time constant of exponential fit to responses to hyperpolarizing current steps
Ramp spike time (s)
Time to first spike evoked by a slow current ramp
Resting potential (mV)
Average of the pre-stimulus membrane potential
Rheobase (pA)
Minimum current amplitude of one-second-long steps that evoked an action potential
Ratio between the peak upstroke (rate of rise of the action potential) to peak downstroke (rate of fall of the action potential)
Average contractionAverage ratio between Euclidean distance of a branch and its path length
Maximum euclidean distance (μm)Maximum Euclidean distance from the soma to all nodes
Normalized cortical depthDepth of the cell soma normalize between pia (0) and white matter (1)
BifurcationsNumber of points where a process splits into two daughter processes
Soma stemsNumber of processes attached to the soma
Parent:DaughterAverage ratio between the diameter of a daughter branch and its parent branch

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