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NIH Blueprint Non-Human Primate (NHP) Atlas

This is the online help for the Non-Human Primate Atlas web application.

The NIH Blueprint NHP Atlas provides genomic information for over 60 distinct brain structures obtained from 14 donors spanning 4 different developmental stages. The dataset includes gene expression information generated by microarray profiling of more than 700 samples obtained by Laser Capture Micro dissection (LCM). It also includes anatomical and gene expression information generated by histological staining and In Situ Hybridization (ISH) of 160 genes of interest using over 29,000 tissue sections spanning the entire brains. Additional anatomical information is available through in cranium Magnetic Resonance Imaging scans.

The NIH Blueprint NHP Atlas dataset can be searched by gene or probe, brain structure and developmental stage and it includes utilities for comparing genomic information across genes, or structures or donor ages, for specific choices of the other two variables.

The data generated by microarray profiling can be searched, compared and visualized in the form of heat maps by selecting the Microarray button in the menu bar. The histology and ISH images can be searched and viewed by selecting the ISH button in the menu bar and the ISH Anatomic Search button is the entry point for making comparisons of ISH or histological information across structures and developmental stages. Finally, the currently available MRI scans can be downloaded by selecting the Download button in the menu bar.