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  • Search from the tag cloud by Gene Classification
  • Use Gene Search to locate genes' data by name, symbol, NCBI accession number, or Entrez Gene ID.
  • You can also use Gene Search with Boolean operators on specific field names using Boolean Syntax Query.
  • Search for manually curated enhanced gene expression data using the Annotation Search.
  • Search for genes with enhanced expression by anatomic region using Anatomic Search.
  • Search for genes with enhanced expression by developmental stage using Temporal Search.
  • Explore related studies using the #Extended Extended Studies radio button.

Gene Search


While our automatically-generated semi-quantitative analysis tools (#Anatomic Anatomic Search and #Temporal Temporal Search) provide an informative global view of gene expression in the developing brain, these tools provide gene expression information primarily about larger brain regions, with limited resolution for precise brain areas. The Annotation Search feature utilizes expert-guided manual annotation performed by Dr. Salvador Martinez of the Neurosciences Institute, Miguel Hernandez University and CSIC in Alicante, Spain.




Click this box to view experiment(s) in the interactive viewing tool

Experimental Detail

Click on this link to be taken to the #Experimental Experimental Detail page

Developmental Stage

Indicates both the developmental age and the Theiler Stage

Example Image

Shows a single image from the experiment

Rotating Thumbnails

Shows a 3-D image of the gene expression that can be rotated using the slider bar in the column header

3-D File

Links to open up the individual experiment in the Brain Explorer 3-D software. Clicking on the column header will open all the experiments in the Brain Explorer