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Injection Coordinate Search

To perform an  an Injection Coordinate Search, a user specifies a source seed location within the 3D reference space. The service returns a rank list of experiments by distance of its injection site to the specified source seed location.

See the connected service page for definitions of service::mouse_connectivity_injection_coordinate parameters.

The search results can also be filtered by a list of source structures and/or list of transgenic lines. output of the injection coordinate search is a xml list of objects. Each object represents one experiment and contains information about the experiment including its unique identifier, the primary injection structure, list of any secondary injection structures, injection coordinates, injection volume and transgenic line name. Additionally, distance between the injection site and seed location is also reported.

Example: Injection coordinate search for experiments with a source seed location in VM (ventral medial nucleus of the thalamus)

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Correlation Search

To perform a Correlation Search, the user selects a seed experiment and a domain over which the similarity comparison is to be made. All voxels belonging to any of the domain structures form the domain voxel set. Pearson's correlation coefficient is computed between the domain voxel set from the seed experiment and every other experiment in the product. The return list is sorted by descending correlation coefficient.