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  • Find Structure ID for "basal ganglia" (id = 4001)
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    rma::criteria,[name$il'*basal ganglia*'],ontology[name$eq'Non-Human Primate Brain Atlas'],
  • Find Structure ID for "neocortex" (id = 294021746)
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    rma::criteria,[name$il'neocortex'],ontology[name$eq'Non-Human Primate Brain Atlas'],
  • Use Structure IDs as parameters to the connected service
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  • [Visualize the same search result in the Web application|,E50,E70,E80,E90,E120,0%20mo,3%20mo,12%20mo,48%20mo&stage2=E40,E50,E70,E80,E90,E120,0%20mo,3%20mo,12%20mo,48%20mo&search_type=differential

Figure: Screenshot of top returns of a differential search for genes with higher expression in the basal ganglia than
in the neocortex represented as a z-score heatmap ranging from green (below mean) to red (above mean).