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Figure: Signal detection for projection data with injection in the primary motor area. Screenshot of a segmentation mask showing detected signal in the ventral posterolateral nucleus of the thalamus (VPL), internal capsule (int), caudoputamen (CP) and supplemental somatosensory area (SSs). In the Web application, the mask is color-coded for display: green indicates a pixel is part of an edge-like object while yellow indicates pixels that are part of a more diffuse region.

Reference-aligned Image Channel Volumes

The red, green, and blue channels have been aligned to the 25um adult mouse brain reference space volume.  These volumes have been stored in the API WellKnownFile table with type name "ImagesResampledTo25MicronARA".  To retrieve the download link for a specific data set, query for WellKnownFiles of the appropriate type with an "attachable_id" equal to the data set id:

Code Block[name$eq'ImagesResampledTo25MicronARA'][attachable_id$eq156198187]

Download this by attaching the value of the download-link field to the API web host name ( Added; The download file will be a .zip file containing three images stored in the raw meta image format:

  • resampled_red.mhd/raw: red background fluorescence
  • resampled_green.mhd/raw: rAAV signal
  • resampled_blue.mhd/raw: blue background fluorescence

All volumes have the same dimensions as the 25um adult mouse reference space volume.

Projection Data Gridding