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Search the Transgenic Mouse dataset by entering a gene symbol or mouse line name into the search box. #Retinal Projectome data includes four experiments with vertical mount sections of retina. You will be prompted with suggestions once you have started typing. Click "Search" or hit the Enter key.


You can also browse through the data using the browse links tabs on the search page ; there are drop-down menus to view that illustrate all of the #Driver Lines and #Reporter Lines used in this resource.


This drop-down menu lists all the characterized reporter lines with a description of their expression patterns.

Retinal Projectome

Representative retinas were sectioned in the vertical plane for haracterization of morphology and co-localization with markers for retinal ganglion cell types. Four markers were used; VAChT - a marker for cholinergic neurons, CART - a marker for granule cells, osteopontin - , and Brn3a - .

Search Results

Clicking on Search will return a list of experiments based on your search criteria with information on the Experiment ID, Line Name, Driver, Reporter, Probes, Age, Sex, Treatments and Image Count. Click on the Experiment ID to be taken to the #Experiment Detail Page





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