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The Ivy Glioblastoma Atlas Project is a foundational resource for exploring the anatomic and genetic basis of glioblastoma at the cellular and molecular levels. . The project is organized into six studies that were designed to identify genes enriched in glioblastoma, three of those studies were based on the anatomic structures or features of glioblastoma and three were focused on putative cancer stem cells.

IVY Studies



Anatomic Structures ISH Survey

Initial screen of 8 tumors with probes to 344 glioblastoma-enriched genes

Anatomic Structures RNA-Seq

Screen of 5 structures (Leading Edge, Infiltrating Tumor, Cellular Tumor, Microvascular Proliferation, and Pseudopalisading Cells Around Necrosis) identified by H&E staining in 10 tumors

Anatomic Structures ISH for Enriched Genes

Final screen of 29 tumors with 38 probes to genes enriched in particular anatomic structures as identified in Anatomic Structures RNA-Seq study

Cancer Stem Cells ISH Survey

Initial screen of 16 tumors with 61 probes to 56 putative cancer stem cell-enriched genes to identify a 20 probe reference set, which was then used in an extensive screen of 41 tumors

Cancer Stem Cells RNA-Seq

Screen of 35 types of putative cancer stem cell clusters identified by ISH with 17 probe reference set in 34 tumors

Cancer Stem Cells ISH for Enriched Genes

Final screen of 37 tumors with 77 probes to genes enriched in putative cancer stem cell clusters as identified in Cancer Stem Cells RNA-Seq study


In Situ Hybridization (ISH): Cellular resolution gene expression image data with adjacent hematoxylin and eosin (H&E)-stained sections that have been manually annotated for anatomic structures.