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Property nameProperty description
SpeciesSpecies of recorded cell.
Cell idUnique cell identifier.
AreaBrain region of recorded cell.
LayerCortical layer of recorded cell.
Dendrite typeStatus of dendritic spines.
Cre lineTransgenic driver of reporter expression (mouse cells only).
Cell reporterExpression of transgenic reporter (mouse cells only).
DonorAge and sex of donor (human cells only).
Disease stateDisease state of donor (human cells only).
Short pulse thumbnail (red)Single action potential elicited by a short (3 ms) square current injection.
Long pulse thumbnail (blue)

Subthreshold, threshold, and suprathreshold responses to a sustained (1 s) square current injection.

Electrophysiology linkLink to page displaying the electrophysiology experiment results and, when they are available, neuronal model simulations.
Morphology thumbnail

The 2D projection of the neuron reconstruction shows dendrites in red, apical dendrite in orange and axon in blue.

The scale on the right represents the normalized cortical depth, from white matter to pia. The histogram shows the density of neuronal processes as a function of depth.

Morphology linkLike to page displaying morphology properties of the cell when they are available.



details page

The electrophysiology details page gives you access to the available electrophysiology information for a given cell. The top section of the page provides a summary of the cell properties, while the second allows you view the traces recorded for different stimulus types. For details on the experimental methods, see the Documentation.





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Reprocessing of the data occurred for the March 2016 release so any analysis performed prior to the March 2016 release date should be performed again with the new models.