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Feature Name


Max Euclidean Distance

The maximum Euclidean distance of all nodes. Euclidean distance is the straight line distance from the soma (root) to the node.

Number of Stems

The number of stems attached to the soma. When the type of the node is not soma, it is labeled as a stem.

Number of Bifurcations


Average Contraction

  The number of bifurcations for the given input neuron. A bifurcation point has two daughters.

Average Contraction

The average ratio between Euclidean distance of a branch and its path length. Euclidean distance of a branch is the straight-line distance from the soma to the branch. Path length is the sum of the lengths between each node along the path.


The average ratio between the diameter of a daughter branch and its parent branch. One value for each daughter branch is generated at each bifurcation point.

For a complete list of computed morphological features, please see the morphology technical white paper (TODO).