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The Neuroanatomic Reference Guide is meant to provide a spatial context for the anatomic structures of the Adult Human Brain.

From the heatmap view in the Human Brain Atlas, you can see the Structure Ontology list from the selected data point in the heatmap. Clicking on the link at the bottom of the structure ontology list above the heatmap in the Human Brain Atlas will bring you to the Human Brain Atlas Guide.


From the In Situ Hybridization data in the Human Brain Atlas, you can also arrive at the Human Brain Atlas Guide by clicking on a hotspot while viewing an experiment in the High Resolution Image Viewer.


Either of these actions will bring you to the Interactive Atlas Viewer with the structure of interest highlighted in purple.

You can also reach this guide by selecting "Human Brain Atlas Guide" from the first drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner whilst in any of the reference atlases in the Interactive Atlas Viewer.

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