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Cell Types Data

Searching the Database

With the initial launch of the Allen Cell Types Database, we include electrophysiological recordings from 248 individual cells,


Cell Feature Filters

Stimulus Types


Different sets of stimulation waveforms were used in order to:

  1. Interrogate intrinsic membrane mechanisms that underlie the input/output function of neurons
    1. Linear and non-linear subthreshold properties
      A2. Action potential initiation and propagation
      A3. Afterhyperpolarization/afterdepolarization
  • Understand aspects of neural response properties in vivo
    • Stimulation frequency dependence (theta vs. gamma) of spike initiation mechanisms
      B2. Ion channel states due to different resting potentials in vivo

C. Construct and test computational models of varying complexity emulating the neural response to stereotyped stimuli
C1. Generalized leaky-integrate-and-fire (GLIF) models
C2. Biophysically and morphologically realistic conductance-based compartmental models

Neuronal Models

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